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Yes, we had to do it, but its giving us some new features for our members.
We have added a Photo gallery and E-Commerce so you can pre pay for some of those ANZAA Events and goodies.

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Photo Gallery

Check out our photo archive from past events, dating back to 1974.  If you have any pictures to add, please contact us so we can get copies of your photos.

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ANZAA Events

Check out our event calendar to find out when we are planning our next get togethers!

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Our Mission

ANZAA Minnesota has been bringing together Australians, New Zealanders and Americans in the Twin Cities since 1972.
ANZAA brings your social events throughout the year, all with an Australian & New Zealand flair!




Why wouldn't you want to join ANZAA?
We provide fantastic social events.
We  connect you with other expats.
We also facilitate interaction with Consul connections.
And it's FREE!